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  • Packages "all stars" list
  • Summary of what some of the most important packages can do.


  • Julia comes with a build in package manager which is accessed from inside Julia.
  • Currently 377 packages available.
  • Julia very popular with the optimisation crowd: lots of mature packages in that area.

Most Popular

Most Popular Packages by github stars:
1. IJulia:              401 stars (ipython notebook support)
2. Gadfly:              349 stars (plotting, ggplot style)
3. DataFrames:          137 stars (pandas or R data structures)
4. PyCall:              105 stars (call python from Julia)
5. JuMP:                79  stars (external mathematical programming)
6. GeneticAlgorithms:   70  stars (Genetic Algorithms)
7. Optim:               67  stars (Native optimisation algorithms)
8. Morsel:              59  stars (micro web framework)
9. GLM:                 56  stars (generalised linear models)
10.Winston:             54  stars (plotting, matlab style (ish))
11.Distributions:       51  stars (probability distributions et. al.)
12.Graphs:              44  stars (graph (network) functionality)
13.MCMC:                38  stars (bayesian statistical models)
14.OpenCL:              36  stars (graphics: OpenCL 1.2)
15.StatsBase:           35  stars (basic support for statistics)

MOst Notable

  • HDF5: support of reading and writing HDF5 files, comes with a "jld" file format for persistence of julia objects.
  • Requests: simple but effective library for making http requests.


Julia Packages

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Julia Packages

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