Manipulation in Clutter

Part 2:                                       

Grasp Selection

MIT 6.4210/2:

Robotic Manipulation

Fall 2022, Lecture 9

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Course Roadmap

  1. Basic pick and place:
    • single known object
    • assuming known pose
  2. Geometric perception
    • single known object
    • unknown pose
  3. This week
    • ​​many/diverse unknown objects
    • unknown poses
    • simple task: "clutter clearing"

"Clutter clearing" (an early project at TRI)

Initial conditions using simulation

Contact mechanics (friction cones, ...)

Grasp analysis / optimization

(unpublished) work by Lucas Manuelli ~2017.  No deep learning -- this is geometry only.


Limitations of using geometry only

  • No understanding of what an object is.
    • "Double picks"
    • Might pick up a heavy object from one corner
  • Partial views
  • Depth returns don't work for transparent objects
  • ...

Lecture 9: Grasp Selection

By russtedrake

Lecture 9: Grasp Selection

MIT Robotic Manipulation Fall 2021

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