Dataviz in SciComm


17 November




Belgian SciComm


Some lessons from COVID-19

& journalism

Dataviz is a lens for data

The dataviz designer chooses the filter, the lens shape, the focus, the magnification

The filter

The lens: chart types

The right measures

imo much concern over "reader don’t understand log scales" is misplaced. When a reader ponders this chart, they’re asking "are these two countries on the same course", or "how many days til country X is at Y cases", not "how many pixels represent 100 cases"

Dataviz 101:

How not to scratch the lens

Save pies for dessert

Don't cut bars

The story of

"Flatten the curve"

What's in it for me?

The difficulty with these diagrams is showing uncertainty. Even though it’s a diagram of a concept and not a model from real data, it’s easy for people to interpret it as a precise prediction, as it looks like a chart and we’re used to charts being precise

I added an extra line to it. Apparently, that made all of the difference.

Visualising the black box

of models

(Some) visual teams


Get bigger

Shift from service desk to autonomous content generation

Become really successful



Wrap up

1. Learn the Visual Vocabulary & dataviz 101

2. Focus, tell a story, annotate

3. What does it mean for people?

4. Visualise the black box of models

5. Pivot to dataviz

Thank you!




Dataviz in Scicom

By maartenzam

Dataviz in Scicom

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