Resume Best Practices

Be purposeful

✅ Have a defined resume goal 

Every line supports that goal

✅ Tell a clear career story

❌ No filler words/phrases

❌ No irrelevant information

❌ No confusing narrative

Be concise

✅ Highlight key outcomes and results 

Read resume aloud for clarity

❌ No impractical vocabulary

❌ No long paragraphs

Substance over style

✅ Spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation

✅ Use formatting for readability and emphasis

✅ Links to relevant projects and profiles

❌ No complex layouts or designs

❌  No broken formats

Structure strategically

✅ Put your best foot forward

✅ 1-2 pages

✅ Scannable in 90 seconds

❌ No following arbitrary 'rules'

❌  No novels

Be yourself!

✅ Authentic, accurate information

✅ Include relevant volunteer work and projects

✅ Tell your own story

❌  No exaggeration of skills or experience

❌ Don't pretend to be what you think they want



WWC Resume Re:View Feb 4, 2022

By Cecelia Martinez

WWC Resume Re:View Feb 4, 2022

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